Plants vs Zombies

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We invite you to play one of the most popular strategy games called "Plants Vs Zombies: Tower Defense" in which you will have the opportunity to grow your own army of plants to repel the attack of bloodthirsty zombies! The game will delight you with colorful graphics and stunning effects that will make the gameplay even more fun! Plant plants along the narrow path to hold off the onslaught of hordes of ferocious undead who want to raze your house to the ground for as long as possible! Grow new types of plants that will help strengthen the defense of the perimeter and destroy all the zombies that dare to set foot on your lands!

In front of you will be a small plot of land where you can combine the same flowers to create stronger units. Destroy crowds of undead and earn gold coins that you will need to buy seedlings. Ahead of you is waiting for countless exciting levels in which you have to defeat huge bosses and many other dangerous opponents. The game will give you a chance to visit 5 amazing worlds that will be available only after reaching a certain level. Get valuable fragments and diamonds that will improve the characteristics of your plants and increase their effectiveness in battle! When you enter the store, you can open several free chests or purchase an epic treasure chest with rare cards. If necessary, use an additional skill, for example, a missile airstrike capable of destroying all enemies caught in the affected area. Complete tasks, unlock all achievements and get daily bonuses for logging into the game!


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