Food Pusher 3D

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Today you will be in the role of an assistant for your hero, to increase strength and victory over the enemy. In the game "Push the Food Challenge" a struggle is held, which should lead to the victory of one of the participants. Their main strength is food, so you need to be the best breadwinner to help your winner succeed. This entertainment is able to teach you how to react quickly to what is happening and cheers you up well. If you do everything right, then the great success is yours. Shall we begin?

Your task here is to collect as much food as possible for the victory of your hero who will start the duel. For this, you will have boosters. They are able to speed up the process of collecting food, attract it to you with the help of a magnet and have many other useful things. Use them to defeat your opponent as soon as possible. As soon as the wrestling match is about to begin, pull yourself together. Avoid green foods and choose only high-calorie foods so that your partner becomes stronger. We wish you to get the first place for all rounds of confrontation and become the happiest! Good luck!


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